New Year´s resolutions and my grandma´s Mohnstriezel

IMG_0527Happy New Year everybody! Did you have a good New Year´s Eve? I hope everyone had a great holiday, awesome New Year’s Eve party and can now start 2015 with a full belly, happy thoughts and without any stress. And without too many New Year’s resolution please!

I am not the biggest fan of New Year´s resolutions. Mostly due to the fact that I can never keep them. Just look at all the times I decided to get my lazy butt of the couch and start working out. The times I actually did go to the gym in 2014 are rather rare. So before I can get frustrated, I usually never make any resolutions.

This year however I do have one resolution regarding this blog. I´ve been thinking about this for quite a while now. It has to do with this blog, what inspires me and what I want to communicate and convey with it. Continue reading “New Year´s resolutions and my grandma´s Mohnstriezel”

Hot chocolate with a twist…

IMG_9272Christmas is almost here. Most of you are probably busy with the last preparations, buying groceries, packing presents and at least in our case, the tree still needs to be decorated as well. But once all the preparations are done, once the food is ready, the presents unpacked and the candles lit, then I hope everyone can find some time to relax and just enjoy the holidays. Let´s be honest, Christmas I never as cozy and peaceful as one would wish but actually…it would probably be pretty boring if it was. Continue reading “Hot chocolate with a twist…”

German Spitzbuben

IMG_9136It´s Christmas time again. Which means it´s time to relax, calm down, spend time with your family, drink Glühwein and eat tons of cookies. Or in my case, it means that you are totally stressed out while trying to combine work, university, Christmas shopping and baking all at once. I might need to work on my relaxation technique I guess. But I did manage to bake my favorite Christmas cookies already. I Also made baked apples and Feuerzangenbowle, so you could say my Christmas spirit is rocking! Continue reading “German Spitzbuben”

Homemade chocolate bars with nuts, dried fruits and pistachios

IMG_9055It´s that time of the year again. The Christmas lights are up, Christmas markets all over Germany are open and everybody is getting busy baking cookies, or as we call them Plätzchen. I made my first batch of cookies already but this post is more about the difficult situation I am facing each year: what kind of presents should I get for my loved ones? If you are anything like me, you either have an idea right away or you will be stuck thinking about finding something the whole December. And then get busy at the last possible moment and try to get all the presents two days before Christmas. Well, worry no more, because I got an idea for you. How about homemade chocolate bars? Continue reading “Homemade chocolate bars with nuts, dried fruits and pistachios”


IMG_2859Christmas is over, the New Year is just beginning and I am still full from all the food I ate. But it was all worth it, it was just so good. And once a year it is perfectly okay to eat until you can´t move no more. We can start counting calories again when summer starts. If it was up to me, I would still try to avoid any cookies, cake or other sweets but since I am taking part in a baking challenge, I had no other choice but to get back in the kitchen and start getting creative.

The challenge consists of me going to the Metro Warehouse and picking up the ingredients they provided for me. I have to use everything they gave me, leaving something out is strictly forbidden. I can however add anything I like and I don´t have to use all the ingredients in only one recipe. The Ingredients were whole grain flour, cane sugar, olive oil, butter, soft cheese, cranberries, marzipan, mango puree, cream cheese, pretzel sticks, chocolate-espresso-spread and mustard.

IMG_2708 Continue reading “Winterbrunch”


It feels more and more like Christmas. It´s getting colder every day, the Christmas lights are up, everybody is decorating and I´ve already had my first stroll over the Christmas Market. It hasn´t really snown yet (at least the snow is not staysing) but I am ceeping my fingers crossed. Untill then I am passing the time in my little kitchen, whipping up more Christmas cookies. This time: Vanillekipfer. After Zimtsterne, these are my favourites. I tried a different recipe this time, instead of the one I usually use. And they came out absolutely delicious. I should have known though, after reading that the dough requires four vanilla beans. Yummie!

Continue reading “Vanillekipferl”

An introduction to german christmas baking

It´s that time of the year again. Christmas is coming. And if you are now wondering: Huh? Christmas? We still got 4 weeks until Christmas Eve…Well, welcome to Germany. Where the Christmas season starts at the first Sunday of December. I love it! This post is a little bit about some of the typical ways to celebrate Christmas in Germany and about my grandmas cookies. You see…one of the things we do in December is bake cookies. There are tons of different Christmas cookies to make and it is just a big part of the season. It´s great for kids but not just for them. Of course they love it but there has not been one year since I moved out that I haven´t met with friends and made a huge let´s-bake-cookies-and-drink-hot-chocolate-session. And my grandma makes the best cookies! Every year we get a package filled with different types of cookies and everyone tries to get the most of their favourite type. So without further ado, let me tell you all about the wonderful thing we call Adventszeit.

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