Hot chocolate with a twist…

IMG_9272Christmas is almost here. Most of you are probably busy with the last preparations, buying groceries, packing presents and at least in our case, the tree still needs to be decorated as well. But once all the preparations are done, once the food is ready, the presents unpacked and the candles lit, then I hope everyone can find some time to relax and just enjoy the holidays. Let´s be honest, Christmas I never as cozy and peaceful as one would wish but actually…it would probably be pretty boring if it was.


If you need some alone time to relax in these last days, I got just the thing for you. Homemade hot chocolate, ready in less than five minutes and awfully creamy, rich and chocolaty. This hot chocolate is made with coconut milk which makes it a little thicker and creamier than regular hot chocolate. I think it is absolutely worth trying but if coconut milk is not your thing, you can of course use regular milk as well.

I topped the chocolate with some whipped cream and cranberry seeds. If you like your chocolate to be vegan all the way, I recommend using coconut whipped cream instead. Or you could just leave the whipped cream and go for different spices instead. Your choice.

One of the advantages of using coconut milk instead of regular milk is, that if you leave the chocolate in the fridge for a day, it gets this thick, almost pudding-like texture which makes for a great dessert as well.

Makes two cups:

1 can of coconut milk

50 g whole milk chocolate

50 g dark chocolate

½ tbsp. cinnamon

Whipped cream, pomegranate seeds or spices for decoration

1) Pour coconut milk into a pot and heat. Break the chocolate into little pieces, add to the coconut milk and heat everything until it is cooking and the chocolate has completely dissolved. Add cinnamon.

2) Decorate hot chocolate with whipped cream and serve immediately.


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