Rhubarb tarte with puff pastry

Rhabarber-Tarte -1Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you, the fastest rhubarb recipe ever.

Remember the green asparagus tarte I posted last year? Well I thought, if it works with asparagus, it should also work with rhubarb and decided to make a sweet version. It turned out pretty tasty and the best part is, it only takes 5 minutes to prepare.

The only problem with rhubarb is that naturally, it is pretty tart. Which means you´ll need a lot of sugar. I would recommend serving the tarte with powdered sugar and whipped cream. You could also combine some sweeter fruits, like peaches, with the rhubarb to balance some of the tartness. Also, maybe marinating the rhubarb in honey before baking wouldn’t be a bad idea either. If you don’t like rhubarb or can´t get some, you could also prepare the tarte using all kinds of other fruit like cherries, peaches or plums. More inspiration can be found here.Rhabarber-Tarte -2

Makes one tarte:

1 roll of puff pastry

6-8 pieces of rhubarb

3-4 tbsp. of cream cheese or creme fraiche

some sugar to your liking

1) Roll out the puff pastry on a sheet of parchment paper. Wash rhubarb and cut in half. Mix cream cheese with sugar and spread evenly onto the puff pastry. Add rhubarb and if you like, some more sugar or honey. If you like, you could spread some egg yolk on the edges of the puff pastry to create a crispier crust.

2) Bake the tarte in the preheated oven at 200°C for about 30 minutes, until the puff pastry is brown and the rhubarb soft. Serve with powdered sugar and whipped cream.


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