Fall is here…

ÄpfelFall is here! The days are getting shorter, the evenings colder, the first leaves are changing their color and there are apples everywhere. Summer is slowly saying goodbye and I am not quite sure yet if I am happy about it or not. I didn’t get to enjoy this summer as much, since I spend most time locked up behind my laptop writing my bachelor thesis. I do like what fall brings though. Apples and plums and pumpkins…I guess you just got to make the best of each season and I very much intend to do so this fall.


Since there are only two apple trees and one pear tree in our garden, I am glad that my Love is a farmer’s boy. Well, technically that is not true but his family still owns an old farm with a big backyard. There are Apple trees, Plum trees and in the summer you can find all kinds of berries. I love it. In fact, in love it so much, that I managed to eat all of their frozen fruit in a couple of months, when my boyfriend and I were just starting to go out. Since then, I have gotten the permission to just directly pick the fruit from the tree.


So that´s what I did this weekend. Equipped with baskets and buckets we went and picked as much fruit as we could. Or better said, my boyfriend picked tons of plums while I was running around, trying to get the beauty of country life on camera.


We ended up with so many plums and apples. Plums are my favorite fruit and these were incredibly sweet and juicy but not even I managed to eat all of them. Instead I used some for a Zwetschgendatschi and froze the rest. Now I still have a couple of month to decide what to do with all the plums. The cake turned out great, even though it involves yeast which can be kind of tricky. I´ve posted the recipe before on this blog, but I decided to retake the pictures, because to be honest, they were horrible the first time. You can now find the recipe and the new pictures here.

Now all that´s left to say is a huge THANK YOU to my boyfriend’s family for letting me steal all their fruit, giving me the most wonderful props and eating all my cakes.



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