Vanilla ice cream with red currants

Vanille-Johannisbeer Eis (12 von 64)I know, I know, this is the third ice cream recipe in a row. I am well aware that I might have a slight ice cream addiction but I can´t help it. Especially now, that the summer decided to come back and bless us with warm long summer days. All I want to do is have a barbecue and eat tons of ice cream and who is to tell me, that I can´t have that? So bear with me folks, I promise, there will be something else on the blog soon.

Vanille-Johannisbeereis (4 von 3)That being said, there isn’t really much to tell about this recipe. It´s too hot to think about adequate words to describe form, taste and texture so I am just going to let the pictures speak for themselves.

Notes to the recipe:

  • Contrary to my last recipe, this one does require some time, skill and patience. Don´t be intimidated though, it´s really not that difficult once you get the hang of the whole tempering thing.
  • You have two options regarding the red currant filling. You can either strain it through a sieve to get rid of the seeds or you could leave it as it is. In that case it has more of a jam-like texture.
  • Of course, any other berry is suitable for this recipe. Try blueberries or blackberries, they are in season now.
  • If you don´t feel like using fresh berries, I image that simple jam also does the trick. Or you could just leave the ice cream plain as it is and enjoy it as a simple but delicious vanilla treat.

Vanille-Johannisbeer Eis (48 von 64)

For the vanilla ice cream:

500 ml milk

1 vanilla bean

6 egg yolks (size s)

150 g sugar

250 g heavy cream

For the red currant filling:

250 g red currants

1 tbsp. red currant sirup

1-2 tbsp. sugar

1) Heat milk with the core of the vanilla bean until cooking, take off the stove and let cool a little bit. In the meantime, using a electric mixer, whip egg yolks and sugar until white and creamy. Place the mixture on top of a bain-marie, add vanilla milk and slowly heat until it has a rather thick texture. Keep stirring throughout and be careful not to let the eggs curdle. Let the mixture cool completely before adding the whipped cream.

2) Pour the mixture into the ice cream maker and let freeze according to your instructions. If you don´t have an ice cream maker, you could also place the mixture directly into the freezer, just remember to stir well every half hour.

3) Wash the red currants and put them into a pot, together with sirup and sugar. Heat until cooking, reduce the heat and let simmer for about 5 minutes. Afterwards, you could strain them through a sieve or don´t, regarding your preferences.

4) Once the ice cream maker is done, pour the red currants on top and using a fork, swirl until everything is mixed. Place in the freezer and let freeze for another 4 hours.Vanille-Johannisbeer-Eis (66 von 76)


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