Double chocolate ice cream

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Today I got another ice cream recipe for you. Full of all that unhealthy stuff: sugar, cream and chocolate. And you now what? I love it!

Doublechocolate ice cream (1 von 1)

A couple of days ago I stumbled upon a blogpost from a wonderful fellow german blogger (unfortunately only in German) who talked about something pretty much everyone of us should feel familiar with. The fact that one small thing can throw you off and make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. Whether it´s standing in the dressing room, trying on something that is too small, comparing oneself to other people in the gym or weighing oneself after a long time, I think everyone knows this feeling of not feeling comfortable in one´s skin. All of a sudden, you start focusing on all the things that are not perfect, going for that extra run or, my personal favorite, debating whether or not you should really eat this scoop of ice cream or slice of cake.

Why though?

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I wish I could write a all-convincing text about why beauty ideals are absurd, the fact that we focus way to much on the appreance especially of women, about the importance of body-positivity and why we shouldn’t focus too much on the “right” way of eating, whether we think that means glutenfree, vegan, sugar free, low carb or whatever the heck. I wish I could claim that from now on, I won´t let myself be influenced by all that pressure anymore, that I will just thoroughly enjoy whatever I´m eating, be it a green smoothie or a slice of pizza. But unfortunately, things aren’t always that easy. Big changes rarely happen overnight. I will continue feeling guilty when I think that I haven´t worked out enough or eaten too much crap. There will probably still be some days where I  will feel self-conscious and unhappy with the way I look. But I think we all need to cut ourselves some slack. Life is not perfect, we are not perfect and the world is not going to end if we have a scoop of ice cream every once in a while. Now if you´ll excuse me, I´m planning to thoroughly enjoy this delicious double chocolate ice cream in the sun. Care to join me?

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Serves 6:

300 g dark chocolate

250 g milk

4 egg yolk

100 g sugar

250 g heavy cream

1) Heat milk and let cool slightly. In a bowl, whip egg yolks and sugar until white and creamy. Place the mixture on top of a bain-marie, add milk and slowly heat until it has a rather thick texture. Keep stirring throughout and be careful not to let the eggs curdle. Let the mixture cool completely.

2) Melt 200 g of the chocolate. Whip heavy cream. Chop the remaining chocolate. Add everything to the ice cream mixture and fold in carefeully. Pour the mixture into the ice cream maker and let freeze according to your instructions before transferring the ice cream to the freezer. If you don´t have an ice cream maker, you could also place the mixture directly into the freezer, just remember to stir well every half hour.

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