Vanilla-chocolate-marzipan cake

IMG_8668I wouldn´t think of myself as the person who makes the fanciest cakes. I´ve made quite a few in my life which turned out not too bad but the things I am really good at are the good old basics. Like grandmas apple cake. Zwetschgendatschi or muffins in endless variations. I´m not too bad at desserts either. Crème brûlée? Mousse ou chocolat? Panna cotta? No problem. But when it comes to cakes and frosting and decoration, I get a little nervous. Nevertheless, sometimes I feel the urge to get in the kitchen and make one of those fancy-shmancy cakes that gets everybody’s attention. Frosting included!

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The secret to crispy waffles

IMG_8292Waffles!! WAFFLEEES! Are you as excited as I am? If not, wait until you have tried this recipe!

Waffles are the ultimate comfort food for me. This recipe has the advantage that it triggers a lot of childhood memories. The recipe is (once again) from grandma although she used to serve them with cherries and walnut ice cream. Every time I eat those waffles, it´s like I am being little again, sitting at my grandma´s table, desperately wishing to be allowed to jump in the pool after the meal. (Yes, my grandparents had a pool and yes, it was the coolest thing ever) Continue reading


Pumpkin risotto with goat cheese, pumpkin seeds and parsley

IMG_8426I´m a big fan of the different seasons. It wasn´t always that way or at least I never really noticed it until I spend time in two countries where the weather is mainly hot and sunny. In Costa Rica the temperature is 25°C the whole year round, the only difference is that it rains one half of the year. And it gets a little colder during the winter in Barcelona (at least that´s how the Spanish feel) but it doesn´t snow and if it ever does, the whole city loses it. I´m not complaining about daily sunshine but once I got back from my studies in Spain, I realized how beautiful fall can be. The colors, the weather, the apple-picking and pumpkin carving…Fall is pretty.

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Healthy breakfast carrot-cake muffins

IMG_8011It´s official. I moved! My new apartment is all set up and now it´s time to get to know life in the new city. Although I´m still bummed that I had to move at all, my new apartment kind of tries to make up for it. For starters I know finally have my own oven!! I know, it´s amazing. In my old apartment, I had to use the common kitchen for baking, which involved me running up and down all the time, panicking about whether I will get the timing right or everything might burn. I also have those huge windows that face west which means that I have a lot of light. I´m really excited to get behind my camera and experiment with all that light but until then I have a recipe for you that has been in put on hold for quite a while. I think it fit´s this October just right: carrot cake muffins!


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Crema Catalana

IMG_7800Hi folks, I got another recipe in remembrance of my time in Barcelona for you. This is the last one though; the next weeks will fully be dedicated to fall again.
After learning how to make Spanish tortilla and arroz negro, it is now time for crema catalana. What better way to honor Catalonia?


Crema Catalana is similar to Créme Brulée, the only difference is that the Catalans are a bit lazier and use corn starch instead of putting it in the oven for hours. All you need for this dessert is milk, eggs, sugar and lemon zest. It is easily prepared, which is great if you are hosting a dinner party. All you need to do is prepare the dessert in the morning, let it rest in the fridge and then you can surprise your guests with a perfect dessert at the end of the evening. Continue reading


Arroz negro – black paella

Arroz negroWhat´s your first thought that comes to mind when talking about Spain? Paella right? The fact that there exists a – lesser known – little brother of the traditional paella is often forgotten. Hands up, who has ever heard of arroz negro?

Arroz negro translates to black rice and that is exactly what you are getting. Don’t let the appearance scare you, it is actually really delicious. In fact, I think I might like arroz negro even more than paella. You don´t really taste the ink of the calamari, instead the rice is very aromatic with a hint of lemon and tastes like summer, vacation and the sea. So the next time you are in Spain, you should definitely go ahead and try an arroz negro. It´s worth it. Continue reading