On the blog turning one…


My blog turns one! And that (and also the fact that I turned one year older as well and sucessfully completed my academic studies) calls for a celebration. And cake. And chocolate…well you know what I am getting at.

IMG_7440One year „Das Leben ist süß!“. I can´t believe how fast it went by. It started as an idea in the back of my head and now turned into this huge hobby that has not only taken over my life, but the life of my friends and family as well. My sister, my love and my friends are now benefitting from sweet treats on a regular basis, while my parents started hunting for props even without me. It´s great! What I like most about blogging is for one, the wonderful world of foodblogging where people are actually nice and supportive to each other. The internet can be pretty tough and mean spirited at times but it all stops when it comes to chocolate muffins. I mean, who writes a nasty comment on the recipe for the world best chocolate chip cookies? No one! It is just wonderful to see all those lovely blogs out there, see what they are doing and get inspired by their awesomeness. They are a huge inspiration to me and my striving to make the best out of this little blog. The other thing I love about blogging is that is has challenged me on so many creative levels. I have baked and cooked a lot my whole life but now it has become a regular thing with me trying to come up with my own recipes and create something new. I also never anticipated that I would like photography this much. Continue reading


Red currant vanilla muffins

IMG_7384Do you know that feeling, when you got something carefully planned and then you end up doing something completely different? My original plan was to try this blueberry-peach galette recipe that I´ve been thinking about for a while. So I went to the famers market to get some fresh fruit and that’s when I saw those red currants. Red, juicy, beautiful red currants that were just waiting to be bought. Of course I couldn´t say no so I found myself buying them without a big recipe in mind. It was the first time I had them this year and they are not my typical go-to fruit but you got to admit that red currants are some of the sexiest fruit out there. Just look at them all cute and delicious. I ended up making the galette as well, while I was thinking about recipes that could use some red currants. The muffin recipe was a spontaneous idea, which turned out be even greater than the galette and deserves to be shown first.

IMG_7342IMG_7376There was a 50% chance that these muffins could have gone completely wrong, since I just whipped together some ingredients I thought were fitting. I´ve been experimenting with different flour and sweeteners for a while now and I finally wanted to use that almond flour that everybody seems to love. I have to admit that it is pretty great but unless I´ll get myself a profitable job at the side or win the lottery, there is no way I could make almond flour a standard thing in my kitchen. Unfortunately it is just too expensive, so for everyone who doesn´t want to spend that much money on muffins, you could just substitute the almond flour for spelt or all-purpose flour. Since red currants tend to be rather tart, the muffin ended up no too sweet. I imagine they would be sweeter when using other fruit, such as blueberries or apples. As always, experiment and go crazy, no recipe is set in stone.

Makes 12 muffins:
180 almond flour (you could also use spelt or all-purpose flour)
140 rolled oats
1 tbsp. baking powder
One pinch of salt
1 banana
160 ml buttermilk
70 g butter or oil
100 ml maple syrup
1 vanilla bean or 1 tbsp. vanilla extract
2 eggs
One hand full of red currants

1) Add oats to a food processor or use a blender to mix them into a flour-like texture. In a bowl, mix them with almond flour, baking powder and salt.
2) In a separate bowl, mix buttermilk, banana, melted butter, maple syrup and the core of the vanilla bean with a blender. Whisk in the eggs. Carefully add the flour mixture. Wash the red currants and add to the batter. Place the batter in muffin molds and bake for 15-20 minutes in the preheated oven at 175°C.



Raspberry coconut popsicles.

IMG_7240 Investing in popsicle molds was the best idea of this summer! We used to have some when I was little, filling them with orange juice or yoghurt but it wasn´t until I bought some for myself that I realized just how much fun you can have with them. There are so many different ways and flavors, it´s awesome. The only problem I am having is that my craving for new recipes kind of contradicts with the amount of ice cream one can eat. My freezer is full but I still have so many ideas. Yeah, the life of a foodblogger, it´s tough.

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Panna cotta tart with fresh raspberries

IMG_7127Just around the corner of my apartment is farmers market. Every Saturday I take some time to stroll around, listen to people chit chat, the salesperson praising their fresh fruit, children playing and enjoy the smell of flowers and fresh coffee. I love it! During summertime it is especially wonderful, people just seem to be happier, take their time and enjoy life a little more. And all the fresh fruit is just amazing. I really have to contain myself every time I go there, so I don´t buy all of it. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or peaches are becoming cheaper and more delicious every week. Last time I just couldn´t help myself and bought a whole bunch of delicious looking raspberries, took them home and made this tart.


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Baked oatmeal with rhubarb and strawberries

IMG_7004 I´m a breakfast type of person. I do love dinner though. Actually, I think food is always great, regardless the time of day. But breakfast is very important to me. My Spanish roommates would always make fun of me when they saw me in the morning, eating my bread, eggs and orange juice. Then again, breakfast is not that big of a deal in Spain, typically consisting of coffee and a cookie. But here in Germany and in so many other places in the world breakfast is really important. I just can´t leave the house in the morning without a good foundation for the day. And I absolutely loooove me a good brunch. IMG_6980 Continue reading


Quinoa salad with fresh spinach, pomegranate seeds and feta cheese

IMG_7172Since I like to combine my travel reports with some recipes of the typical cuisine I present you: quinoa salad with spinach, pomegranate and feta cheese. A lot of you might be thinking now – what does that have to do with Canada? You are right; Quinoa and pomegranates are not the first thing you might think of when it comes to typical Canadian food. Still, it is the food-experiences I made during our trip that results in this recipe. Local, fresh, organic – those were the keywords, that followed us everywhere, restaurants, supermarkets, farmers markets, you name it. This new trend, that people are developing a higher interest in a healthy lifestyle, nutrition and regional products can also be seen in Europe but in Canada (and I guess also in the USA) it is huge. My last trip to the states was 7 years ago and I remember eating pancakes, pancakes, burger and even more pancakes during my stay. This time it was much easier to find rather healthy recipes, no matter if we stayed in big cities like Seattle or Vancouver or had breakfast in a tiny town on the way. Continue reading


Best of Canada – Part 2

IMG_6135 IMG_6138Part two of our Canada Roadtrip starts with our way to Ucluelet. After leaving Seattle, our next stop was Victoria/ Vancouver Island and from there we were off to Ucluelet, a small town at the pacific coast. The distance between those two towns is not that far but with the speed limit, lunch and several stops to admire the scenery it took us a couple of hours to get there. Vancouver Island is exactly how everyone pictures Canada – very green, very beautiful and with amazing views. I am still convinced that I saw a bear on our way. At least there was something dark and very large standing down by the river, I am sure it was a bear eating his lunch. We were too fast though too double check.

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