Gooseberry meringue pie

Gooseberry-meringue-pie-21They say that nobody actually sticks with his or her New Year´s resolutions. Guess I´m proving everybody wrong then. I have to admit though, that it probably has less to do with my discipline and more with the fact that I get to bake a traditional cake every month, but hey, whatever works right? Since starting my New Year´s resolution I´ve not only made and eaten a bunch of delicious things, I also learned quite a lot. What can go wrong with your ganache for example. Or that yeast and I are becoming best buddies. That some things will never change (I still don´t really like Black Forest gâteau) but that sometimes, you have to throw your prejudices over board. Which brings us to today´s recipe. Read more

Mom´s potato salad


A couple of weeks ago I went home to visit my parents. It was nice and warm so we decided to have a barbecue. While the grill was warming up in the backyard, my mom and I were standing in the kitchen, preparing salad and talking about this and that. Probably because we were on the topic of food, we talked about blogging and I told my mom how I didn’t had any time to prepare anything for the blog lately so it would probably be a little quieter in the next weeks. That´s when my mom got really excited and exclaimed “why don´t you blog this potato salad”? To explain a little bit, my mom is not only the best but also my biggest fan, so naturally, she was super excited to at the thought of contributing to the blog. Five minutes later we were started an impromptu photo shooting in the backyard, with the potato salad as a leading actor and my mom as an overly enthusiastic extra. Read more

Life in the countryside


If you had asked me a couple of years ago, I probably always would have said that I prefer city-life over living in the country side. But I think in the last couple of years it has become rather obvious that I love being surrounded by nature. The thought of moving to a place with only a handful of neighbours still gives me chills but at the same time, I am dreaming of a small house by the lake with nothing but trees, meadows and flowers around. If I need to de-stress I take a walk through the woods. When I was living in Barcelona, I missed the greenery and the birds singing, now that I am back I miss the bars, restaurants and the nightlife. I guess the grass really is greener on the other side. Read more

Black Forest gâteau


When I was a kid we lived in this beautiful house in a small village which had a huge backyard full of fruit trees and bushes. I absolutely loved it. I spent all of the summer playing outside, picking some cherries or strawberries on the go if I got hungry. When fall came, our garden was full of apples and plums. Basically, I never hat to go inside to eat. Lunch was everywhere. Read more