Black Forest gâteau


When I was a kid we lived in this beautiful house in a small village which had a huge backyard full of fruit trees and bushes. I absolutely loved it. I spent all of the summer playing outside, picking some cherries or strawberries on the go if I got hungry. When fall came, our garden was full of apples and plums. Basically, I never hat to go inside to eat. Lunch was everywhere. Read more

Quinoa asparagus salad


Sometimes life is full of unicorns and puppies and rainbows. And sometimes it´s more like this. Sometimes you think, hey, this whole grown-up-thing isn´t too bad, I think I´m getting the hang of this. And sometimes it´s all too much and all you want to do is curl up in a dark cave, go to sleep and avoid all responsibilities. Read more


Erdbeer-Rhabarber-Käsekuchen-3There is this short period of time in which rhubarb and strawberries are both in season. I guess there is a reason behind that because together they are an absolute dream team. Like ying and yang, Laurel and Hardy or peanutbutter and Nutella. So what to do to get the most out of that time? Well, strawberry-rhubarb-jam is always an idea. Or strawberry-rhubarb-sirup. Or maybe strawberry-rhubarb-cheesecake. Read more