Schweden 2015-129Lately it has been quiet on this blog, very quiet. This was due to a couple of reasons. At the beginning I didn’t really feel like blogging. I was out of ideas and didn’t really feel like creating something, I was just kind of stuck. After a while, the inspiration came back but that was when I had absolutely no time to do anything else than working and writing papers. And now I have to announce, that it might possibly stay this way for a little while longer. Read more

Pink ravioli filled with goatcheese and herbs

Rote Beete Ravioli mit Kräuter Füllung  (47 von 51)Winter can be rather dull regarding local produce, at least that´s what I always thought. During spring and summer there is an abundance of asparagus, salads, tomatoes, fresh berries and so much more. Fall brings us fresh mushrooms, pumpkins, apples and plums. In contrast to that, it does not seem like winter has that much to offer. However, the cold months have just as many colorful vegetables in stock as the other seasons. Kale, beetroot, carrots, parsnip, Brussel sprouts are all examples Read more

Cranberry buttermilk bundt cake

Cranberry-Buttermilk-Bundt-Cake (3 von 1)I have to admit, most of my life I neglected Bundt cakes. I always found them to be a bit too dry for my taste. But they do look very pretty with some decorations and toppings and after experimenting a bit I am now presenting you already the second Bundt cake recipe within a couple of weeks. Made with buttermilk for a lighter texture and topped with sugared cranberries for the wow-effect. No understatement today, doesn´t this cake look lovely? Read more

Chocolate oats

Chocolate Oats  (6 von 52)Winter is here. With the cold came the snow and covered everything in a white winter wonderland. Which makes taking a walk so much prettier but everything else also a little bit more difficult. Riding my bike to Uni? Not an option anymore. Going for a run? Sure, if you feel like breaking a leg. Leaving the house? Only if absolutely necessary! Still, I loved watching the snow fall outside, while I was cozying up with a hot cup of tea. And I probably got more fresh air and exercise in the past week than in the last month combined because I tried to squeeze in a walk in the woods whenever I could. Winter is here and I love it! Read more