Avocado lime popsicles

Avocado Limetten Eis  (4 von 2)

Sometimes inspiration hits me at the most inconvenient times. For example when I just got home, after a 10 hour car ride, extremely tired and glad to finally go to bed. That´s when my brain decides to get busy.

Brain: You know, I´ve been thinking…how about avocado popsicles.

Me: Shut up brain, I´m trying to sleep.

Brain: But…think about it…Avocado lime popsicles…maybe with some coconut…fresh mint…or you know, chocolate…

Me: Damn it brain, now I´m awake. Okay, what do you propose? Read more

Raspberry-yoghurt cake

Himbeer-Joghurt-Kuchen (26 von 34)

I´ve thought about it for three years. Every time I saw a young women with short hair or a celebrity would cut their hair, I got this longing, combined with a pang of jealousy. Why did they all look so pretty? Would I automatically become one of those hip young girls? Or would I look more like the reincarnation of the backstreet boys? I would ask pretty much anyone about their opinion, friends, family, complete strangers…until I finally did it and made an appointment at the hairdresser. Read more

Breakfast served two ways…

Healthy breakfast (1 von 1)
Usually, when I post something about my travels, I try to combine it with a recipe that is typical for that country or region. However, that was a tad difficult for Sweden. The best cinnamon roll recipe ever already exists and I don´t know that much else about the typical Swedish or Scandinavian cuisine. We did eat fantastic food on our trips though, especially the breakfast was to die for. Fresh, regional, organic produce is apparently very popular in Scandinavia and I loved it. We had everything, from Smørrebrød and cinnamon buns to Falafel, Toast with Avocado, Pizza and Fish & Chips. But the best things, hands down, was the breakfast we had in Stockholm and Copenhagen. And that´s why I decided to try and recreate it at home, mostly in order to cure my post-vacation blues. Read more

Visiting Sweden (and Copenhagen)

Schweden 2015-10As some of you might have noticed, I spent the last 2 ½ weeks in the beautiful Sweden. I wasn’t really sure whether I should post anything about it on the blog, since it is only a very subjective travel report. I´m not an expert regarding Sweden, but I have been there a couple of times and I thought, why not tell a little bit about it and maybe give some inspiration or tips. So here we go.  Read more