Blaubeermuffins mit Maismehl (30 von 32)If you look at the recipes I´ve uploaded on this blog over time, you´ll probably notice that there a quite a few muffin recipes. My love for muffins might have something to do with nostalgia, due to the fact that they were the first things I experimented with then I was little. Or maybe it has to do with the fact that they are very yummy, versatile and incredibly handy. Breakfast, snack, dessert, they can be used for almost everything. Read more

Flammkuchen with butternut squash

Flatbread with butternut squash (29 von 38)Over the last 25 years that I´ve lived on this Earth, I´ve worked at a lot of different jobs. I babysat, sold Bratwursts at exhibitions, served wine, worked as a cashier, distributed flyer, chopped vegetables and cleaned the dishes at a restaurant and worked all night collecting empty glasses at parties. All of these jobs not only helped cash-wise but also taught me many life lessons. Read more

Apple strudel with vanilla custard

Apfelstrudel (11 von 60)Okay so this week kind of sucked.  There was stress, there was no sun to be seen, there were too many people that asked all the wrong questions, there was a dumping-water-on-my-laptop-incident followed by a my-printer-is-an-asshole-and-won´t print-incident. There were some sparks of hope where I thought that it might get better, for instance sunny walks through beautiful autumn forest, getting my butt kicked at the gym and the newest Read more

Fall granola with apples and cinnamon

Apple cinnamon granola (15 von 45)Usually I am one of those people defending the weather here in Northern Germany. Yes, we get a lot of rain and the occasional storm but I could never really understand the people that would move to a country solely because the sun shines year round. Why would you want to live in a place where you can´t move during summer time because it´s 40°C? And doesn’t pure sunshine get boring after a while? Well, I had to change my opinion a little bit last week. I still don´t like it when it´s too hot but hello? Sunshine? Are you there? The weather was just plain horrible last week, I didn´t see Read more