Strawberry-vanilla ice cream with chocolate

Himbeer-Stracciatella Eis (7 von 102)

Himbeer-Stracciatella Eis (52 von 102)

Serves 4 to 6:

500 ml milk

1 vanilla bean

5 egg yolks (size m)

150 g sugar

250 g heavy cream

150 g dark chocolate

150 g frozen raspberries

1) Heat milk with the core of the vanilla bean until cooking, take off the stove and let cool a little bit. In the meantime, using a electric mixer, whip egg yolks and sugar until white and creamy. Place the mixture on top of a bain-marie, add vanilla milk and slowly heat until it has a rather thick texture. Keep stirring throughout and be careful not to let the eggs curdle. Let the mixture cool completely before adding the whipped cream.

2) Pour the mixture into the ice cream maker and let freeze according to your instructions. If you don´t have an ice cream maker, you could also place the mixture directly into the freezer, just remember to stir well every half hour.

3) Melt chocolate and pour spread onto baking paper. Let cool and harden before chopping into little pieces. Once the ice cream maker is done, mix chocolate chips and frozen raspberries with the ice cream. Place in the freezer and let freeze for another 4 hours.Himbeer-Stracciatella Eis (61 von 102)


  1. Dein Eis und die Bilder sehen großartig aus ! ! Jetzt habe ich Eishunger ….
    Und ja, da gibt es noch so einige Träumchen im Kopf- das eigene Café im Industry-Style zählt definitiv dazu :-).
    hab einen wundervollen Sonntag !


    1. Lieben Dank für deinen Kommentar. Ich hab gar kein schlechtes Gewissen dir Eishunger gegeben zu haben, davon kann man nie genug haben. 😉

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