Brussels sprouts tarte with goat cheese

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In the German version of this text I did some incredible rhyming regarding brussels sprouts and happy tummies but I will spare you with an attempt at an English translation. Apparently my culinary qualities are higher than my rhyming skills, although my childhood diary is full of lovely little gems involving the words house and mouse (I know, genius!).

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Some things change when transitioning from childhood to adulthood and apart from my literary skills, taste is definitely one of them. I used to hate pineapple and brussels sprout, now I´m fine with both of them. Still not the biggest fan ever of brussels sprouts, but there are some recipes that I thoroughly enjoy. Flatbread with the peels of brussels sprouts for example, or this one, a tarte with puff pastry and goat cheese filling.

How about you? Are you a brussels sprout fan or hater? Are you in or out? Yay or nay? Do you have a recipe that would convince even the biggest sceptic or do you keep a safe distance between you and the little green things?

If you are team brussels-sprouts-all-day-every-day, I don´t think you need further convincing to try this recipe. Puff pastry saves you valuable time since you don´t have to knead a dough. It also adds a nice fluffy and crunchy component and garlic and nutmeg make the filling incredibly hearty.

Notes to the recipe:

  • As you can see in the pictures, I used a square baking tin (a 35 x 11 cm). If you are using a regular sized quiche form, I´d recommend doubling the ingredients.
  • If you are team I-wouldn´t-be-caught-dead-eating-brussels-sprouts, you can still enjoy this tarte. Just swap sprouts for fresh tomatoes and add a little rosemary or sage for that extra touch.

Rosenkohltarte mit Ziegenkaese (34 von 37)Makes one square baking tin:

3 slices of frozen puff pastry

150 g goat cream cheese

1 egg

1 garlic clove

1 pinch of nutmeg


About 500 g brussels sprouts

1) Preheat the oven to 175°C. Take out the puff pastry approximately one hour before using so it can thaw. Once they are soft, stack the slices and roll out to the size of the baking tin. Place into the buttered baking tin and cut off remaining edges.

2) Wash brussels sprouts and cut of the ends. Cook in boiling water for about 10 minutes, then drain and rinse. Mix cream cheese, egg, chopped garlic clove, nutmeg and salt and pepper. Pour the mixture into the baking tin. Place brussels sprouts on top and bake for about 30 minutes.





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    1. Haha, are you sure about that? If I had to freestyle it, it went something like “Brussels sprouts, oh brussels sprouts, you really make my tummy proud”. (I´ll see myself out now 😉 ) Thank you for your lovely comment! 🙂

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