A visit to Winter´s garden


Winter is grey and dull and cold? WRONG! Well no, actually winter can suck quite a bit but (!) that doesn’t mean that we have to wait until spring for something fresh, vibrant and colorful. The colors of winter are just as pretty as the colors of its siblings spring or summer and you definitely don´t have to miss out on fresh and fun produce. Instead of blueberries, juicy peaches and salad, it has different things to offer – root vegetables, cabbages of all sorts and colors, multicolored carrots and bright and shiny citrus fruits.


My relationship with winter produce is still relatively new. I used to feed on tomatoes and cucumbers all year long, avoiding everything that resembled cabbages or beetroots in the slightest. Things slowly started to change when I discovered the wonders of beetroots. I wasn´t a fan of the taste at first but the fact that its juice is able to transform everything into bright pink eventually convinced me. I made more progress, even figuring out that I actually do enjoy kale as long as it´s eaten raw and now I´m a big fan of basically all of the root vegetables.

All of this was accompanied by a whole lot of trial and error and many recipes on the way. I managed to upload a few of them to the blog in the past (klick here or here) but I wanted to give you some more ideas of what to do during this time of year. If it´s grey and dark outside, I doesn´t have to be inside. So here we go, I´m inviting you on a journey through winter’s garden. It starts next week and I´m looking forward to seeing you again!





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